America:  The land of promise. The home of freedom. The land whose heritage guarantees all Americans the right to pursue happiness. …or does it? 

The purpose of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness Research, Inc. (“LLPHR”) is to address these questions: 

“What does it mean to be American?”   

“As Americans, are we fulfilling our promises to each other?” 

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In this time of lost liberties in the name of homeland security and the recent collapse of the financial markets that caused the erosion of the middle class, increased poverty and solidified power among the wealthy elite, have the rights guaranteed all Americans through the Declaration of Independence been usurped by a wealthy few? LLPHR examines these ideas through the prism of numerous American Heroes, as they seek to ensure that all Americans of each new generation inherit fulfillment of all of the promises Americans have made to one another.

LLPHR examines the promise made in the Agreement among We, the People – the Declaration of Independence.  The Agreement on which our Founding Fathers signed their names for all Americans then and now, forever promising fulfillment of Our Agreement by providing: “And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”  

Every American makes this pledge and all other promises in Our Agreement.  One “true American” – Milton Hershey, a highly successful businessman whose impact is still felt today, and many other “true Americans” throughout Our history have taken this sacred pledge and Our Agreement seriously – as should all Americans.  Our Agreement embraces only one form of capitalism – Human Rights Capitalism – America’s agreed upon form of Capitalism!  For example, during the Great Depression, Milton Hershey made certain that every man who needed work received that opportunity even if it meant discontinuing the use of machinery that could have done the work of twenty men.  Milton Hershey was a “true American” dedicated to the fulfillment of Our Agreement among We, the People on behalf of all Americans – to the full extent of his resources.

Milton Hershey believed his businesses had a binding and unbreakable responsibility to their community which he fulfilled through the creation of parks, planting trees, providing public utilities, providing K-12 and junior college education, and building a public library, community center, theater, hotels and other businesses to expand employment opportunities. While many of the public services were free, other community enterprises were operated without intending to profit from them, and not to lose money – such public and other community services were to break even.  By not adding profit Hershey helped reduce local inflation by keeping the cost of living to a minimum.

As parents, Milton and Catherine Hershey also raised orphan children, assuming full responsibility for each of them – so that each of their new generations would also achieve fulfillment of the promises all Americans make to one another.  The Hersheys created a trust making their once orphaned children the beneficiaries and their rightful heirs. Milton Hershey understood (as so many of the most successful Americans of his time understood) that fulfilling and seeking the fulfillment of other Americans is each American’s responsibility as an American through the Agreement among We, the People and the pledge set forth in the Declaration of Independence.

The book Agreement among We, the People examines how far too many of America’s corporate elite,  ultra wealthy and special interest groups no longer seek to fulfill their responsibilities as American.  Thus, they are no longer “true Americans” and as a consequence American is being controlled not by a government of, by and for the People, but by the 1% for the benefit of the 1%.   

LLPHR will address these important questions:

  • With our current un-American corporate and political leaders, will our children be able to live an as good or better life than that we have lived?

  • Is Our sacred Agreement evidenced by the Declaration of Independence being fulfilled by all Americans?

  • Can We reclaim our rights to ensure that Americans now and forever receive the full benefit of the agreement and pledge our forefathers entered into for their own benefit and the benefit of all future Americans?

  • Are we fulfilling our responsibilities to the poor, the disenfranchised, the orphans, and our other most vulnerable?  Will our failures in these areas make America and Americans progressively weaker and more vulnerable to further internal and growing external threats?

  • What is the “Hershey Idea” and is it relevant today?

  • What happens if the Hershey Family Trust continues to be operated by non-family members for their own benefit and to avoid helping its original beneficiaries?

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 Become a “true American” by coming to know, understand, appreciate and fulfill our Agreement among We, the People.

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​We are dedicated to the fulfillment of all Americans’ promises to all other Americans